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Popular Wedding Dates for 2018/2019

Posted on September 3, 2018 at 6:05 PM

Hi Lovelies :) Spring is here and Wedding season is upon us. Below is a list of most popular Saturday dates for 2018/2019.

    • 8th September 2018
    • 15th September 2018
    • 22nd September 2018
    • 29th September 2018
    • 6th October 2018
    • 13th October 2018
    • 20th October 2018
    • 27th October 2018
    • 3rd November 2018
    • 10th November 2018
    • 17th November 2018
    • 24th November 2018
    • 1st December 2018
    • 8th December 2018
    • 22 December 2018
    • 29th December 2018
    • 5th January 2019
    • 12 January 2019
    • 26th January 2019
    • 2nd February 2019
    • 9th February 2019
    • 16th February 2019
    • 23rd February 2019
    • 2nd March 2019
    • 9th March 2019
    • 16th March 2019
    • 23rd March 2019
    • 30th March 2019

Saturday still remains the day that everyone wants to marry on, and because there are only 52 Saturdays in a year (and some of those are unfortunately in winter) it means that wedding bookings for that day are at a premium.

Having realised this, many couples are now considering the idea of marrying on one of the more plentiful weekdays. Weekday weddings can save you a considerable amount of $$$ on everything from your accommodation to catering, or even photography. Often the weekday prices can be up to two thirds cheaper than a Saturday price! If that does not turn you, here are some pros and cons for weekday weddings.


Cost – Most things are cheaper! In some cases you can expect to pay less for venues, vendors and photographers on weekdays. Hotels are quieter, could also have better rates and  your photographer may not be as busy.

Availability – If you’re considering and or are prepared to marry on a weekday it’s possible you could have your dream venue, as well as a discount! As many popular locations are booked up sometimes years in advance, it may be wise to keep your options open.

Travel - Is cheaper on weekdays, and better rates as mentioned are available on hotels and airline tickets.


Babysitting – It will be easier to find a babysitter on a weekday rather than a weekend for those who have families, or those who just want to have a wedding without children.

Extras – Some vendors will be more likely to offer a discount or add in some extras if their services are used on weekdays. As hotels are quieter during the week, there’s a possibility of a discount. Any business is good business, right?

Extended Celebrations – A Friday wedding (for example) sees all the excitement and commotion over before the weekend has even begun, leaving you with extra time to celebrate your nuptials with family and friends. 


Work Commitments – Between buying an outfit, travel expenses, accommodation, and a gift, guests can end up spending a small fortune to attend a wedding. It might not be a good idea to ask them to take a day off work too, especially if they have far to travel, and might need more than one day off. If a big wedding with all your friends is your dream, then a weekend is probably the way to go!

Traffic – In city locations, mid-week work and school traffic could cause a big problem for you. Imagine how stressful it could be showing up late to your own wedding because you were stuck in traffic. Imagine not have any pictures of the start of your ceremony because your photographer was late. This issue definitely needs to be thought about, unless of course you’re having a country wedding!

If you would like more information or support on planning your dream wedding or event, call or email us today at [email protected] or

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