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Blissfully Creative Moments

Wedding Style Designer and Events Planner


When you invest with Blissfully Creative Moments, you’re allowing yourself to experience your wedding day fully. You'll be relax and present on the day, freeing up to creating beautiful memories. After we have planned your wedding together, it's time to let us take care of implementing all the detail of your special day. We save you money and time, which allows you to focus on finding that perfect dress. We will take care of coordinating vendors, answer any questions that arise, manage the timeline, emcee, move and arrange furniture and setting tables & styling decor, help your guest, and managing transport to and from your wedding. On the day of your wedding, we take care of all the hard work whilst you get married.


We are not just there on the day of your wedding. We are there with you every step of the way from the moment you decide to become our client, you will have a team offering encouragement, advice and support till the final dance if you need us to be there. When your wedding day draws closer, we will go over the final details with you to ensure your day goes according to your plan. Allowing you to be confident that we have been planning together with you each step of the way.


Our gift to you is to create an experience of excitement, relaxation, laughter and joy with a touch of elegant and a much anticipation of romance. We want to set all your feelings of anxiety, self doubt and stress at ease. I'll let you in on a secret most couples we have worked with felt this way also, trust me it's perfectly OK and normal to have these feelings. This is one of the biggest special personal events you will organised for yourselves. So we want you to be there fully embraced in every single moment!

Hello! My name is Cynthia, I am the founder and director of Blissfully Creative Moments. Thank you for taking the time to stop by, I am so glad you've found where I love to create and plan weddings. My little happy place where I can help couples visions of their unique dream wedding day happen.

You may be here because you're planning your own wedding or know someone who is, if so! then you're definitely in the right place. My team and I would love to encourage and support you whilst we plan your wedding. We can be with you from start to finish or just pick up on the day to coordinate and execute your plans. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, I know this from personal experience. I did all the planning for my own wedding. I got so caught up in executing my own day I was to exhausted by my reception. Even as a wedding planner I convince myself I could do this. My future hubby at the time finally talked me into letting someone take rein of the actual ceremony (bless him I had him doing tablescapes just before our I do's). So from my personal experience and from couples I have rescued, I want you to have the most wonderful stress free and calm wedding day. This is going to make it easier for you, your family and friends to just be able to relax and enjoy getting ready for the wedding. It's a day were your family and friends want to look picture perfect for their photo with the newly weds.

I have been involved with the wedding industry for 20 years, which started in my early 20's. I did take time out to raise a family during this time also. I was designing wedding dresses to planning weddings for family and friends, which later lead to corporate functions. My background is in tertiary education, arts, psychology and events styling & planning were I have training with the World Wedding Academy. Focusing on logistic of planning wedding and events is key to executing my outcomes. However my passion is creating styles unique to each couple, from a intimate elegant romantic wedding to full luxury wedding. These are also strengths and passions of our team members at Blissfully Creative Moments.

If it's myself or one of my team members planning, styling or coordinating your wedding day you can be sure that we are wedding day specialist in our fields and we take pride in what we are doing, and we are fortunate to be able to be doing what we love. We love what we do, which is creating unique weddings styled with you in mind. So if you live in Australia you have come to the right place.